Chickadee Knit Studio Class Policies

The Chickadee Knit Studio Class Policies were developed to foster a helpful, creative and enjoyable environment for all those hoping to learn something new at Chickadee Knit Studio. We ask that you read and follow these when participating in any class or event in order to create a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for all students, customers and friends of our Perrysburg knitting community.

Class Policies

  • Registration fees for classes and events are non-refundable; if you can’t make it, we're happy to apply the cost as a credit toward another class.
  • Do your homework. We have a limited amount of time in each class, and every minute is important! If a class requires work in between class sessions, it's expected that you arrive to the next session with the work complete. Class will not be held back for you to work during the session and time will not be made up without additional charge.
  • Don’t be late. Class will not wait or start over.
  • If you miss a class without advanced notice or communication, no make-up class time will be offered unless you pay for a private lesson.
  • During class, don’t touch other students’ projects without their permission.
  • Minimize (or eliminate if possible!) cell phone use during classes.
  • No food permitted at the class table; Drinks are permitted in covered containers only.
  • Have all materials ready (and wound) before class. Make sure you have proper needles and yarn.